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In this article, I would like to share with you my personal experience with human design and the impact it has on my own life. At the end of 2019 I flew back to Germany from my seven-month trip to Asia. At first, it was very challenging for me to be back in Germany. During that time, I also had moments and days when I wasn’t feeling well and I was depressed. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and I was also a little unhappy about being back in Germany. 4 months later, I got to know human design and started my own human design experiment.

June 2022

As I write this blog entry, I am sitting on the terrace of my Airbnb accommodation in Sri Lanka. Not to go on vacation, but to start a new life in Asia. At this point, I don’t know where I will eventually settle down. It doesn’t matter either, because the ideal state of a reflector is surprise. Life comes to me in some form and surprises me again and again. If such a surprise comes to me, I use type, strategy and authority and see if it really makes sense for me. After I’m allowed to wait at least 28 days for decisions, this only affects the big surprises. Like which country I’m going to travel to next. I just try the little things and see it as an experiment or experience.

My decision to leave Germany

After my return to Germany, I felt like a stranger in my own country. Sure, I thought, I just need some time to get back on track. I also said to myself that I would give Germany another chance. Well, Corona also made its contribution and I didn’t even have the opportunity to leave the country. I also had the feeling that I was still allowed to learn and finish something in Germany. In the next 2.5 years, I made serious attempts to gain a foothold in Germany again. I kept thinking about leaving and was so unsure what to do. One evening I was torn again and was watching videos on YouTube of a couple who had moved to Bali. It brought tears to my eyes and I knew I wanted to leave Germany again. That was in December 2021 and from that moment on, the thought of emigrating accompanied me for a few weeks/months. After 28 days it still felt right and so I knew that I will go in 2022. Originally I wanted to go straight to Bali, but my first step was to go to Sri Lanka. Let’s see where the journey goes.

Why out of Germany?

In my Human Design Reading, my analyst put it so nicely, if I like the traditional food in a place, it’s a good sign that the place suits me. I eat gluten-free and vegan and when I look at the traditional cuisine in Bavaria, I don’t want to eat any of it. I can no longer relate to typical German life either. By that I mean, among other things, the general views that prevail in Germany and the development of the government in recent years. When I look at the development of Germany and perceive the energy of the country, which is exactly the task of a reflector, I can only express strong concerns! Many developments do not match with my values and ideas, so I take the consequence and leave the country. In addition, my ideal environment is the coast, which can be seen in my Human Design Chart. I love the sea and I never get bored by sitting on the beach and looking at the sea.

Kevin Kirst follow my path coach

The goodbye

In the 2.5 years I made incredibly great friends who helped me a lot to have a great time in Germany. Of course, leaving my friends and family was not easy for me. In addition, 3 weeks before my departure, I met an incredibly great woman who I would have loved to have taken with me. Nevertheless, I know that my decision was the right one. When I gave notice of my apartment and started selling my valuables, it was like a liberation for me. I got more and more energy and joy to arrange everything and pack my things. Life in Germany felt like a prison for me and it almost overwhelmed me. The more I gave away, the freer I felt. Now I’m on the road again with two backpacks and I love going through life with this lightness.

The unknown

I don’t really have a plan, so I don’t know what I’m going to do next or what’s going to happen. The most question I got asked was what are you doing there then? The answer was always live! This question showed me very clearly how few people can deal with not knowing what is going to happen. Only when we stop wanting to control everything through the mind can life unfold through us. Before that, people live through their minds and especially in Germany with the fear of what bad things could happen. The mind is never there to make decisions. He is there for others and not for ourselves when it comes to decisions! Once we start living by type, strategy, and authority, our life becomes magical and we often don’t know what’s going to happen. Sure, that can scare us. Whereas it is only the mind that makes us believe this fear, because then it gives up control and it doesn’t want that. I want to lead by example and encourage everyone to be wild, crazy and unpredictable. Of course always in line with type, strategy and authority from your own design.

Make the unknown your friend and life will intoxicate you

Your Kevin

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