Human design has changed my life

human design changed my life

My own analysis felt like a huge liberation to me. I totally found myself in the statements and it gave me a better understanding of myself. As a reflector, which makes up about 1% of the population, I always had the feeling of being different and have always tried to fit into the homogenized society. Through the analysis, I realized for the first time in my life that I function completely differently than most other people. Every person is unique, but there is a certain distribution of the types and most of them are our dear generators with approx. 68%. Our world is made by and for generators and as a reflector it’s not my thing at all.

Deconditioning process

I listened to my analysis at least 5 times within the first 4 weeks of receiving it. Again and again I heard new aspects and tried to internalize the knowledge. In addition, I am the question of “What does this mean for me now?”. It became relatively quickly clear to me that I had to change my life fundamentally in order to live a fulfilling life. So I started to question all the things that defined me and see if I’m doing it because it suits me or is it just conditioning. As a reflector, patience and slowness is an important key in life. Phew and both were not exactly my strengths. This is where the so-called not-self comes into play.

The non-self

In all open, i.e. wise centers, we as humans have the opportunity to learn the most. We are also most conditioned in these centers. Any action from the wise centers that is not done according to type, strategy, and authority is called non-self action. Most people live out of their no-self because the conditioning is so deep and the triggering of no-self happens so quickly. The open centers are about recognizing that this is not mine and that it is a learning task for me. Once we have mastered the learning task, we can potentially become wise on the subject and help other people with it.

As an an example

A person with an open root is very susceptible to external stress and pressure. Such people get their work done immediately, because a mountain of work causes an incredible amount of internal stress for them. The boss sees that this employee seems to be super hardworking and immediately gives him more work. He gets the crisis again and works everything away again. Well, you can quickly see here that this wheel will keep turning until the person eventually collapses from exhaustion. Wisdom comes from becoming aware of how to deal with stress that comes from outside. That does not have anything to do with me. In addition, this person can perceive the pressure and stress of others and show their stress.

Nine open centers

The task of a reflector is to be the mirror of society and therefore he has all the centers open. As a mirror, it’s important to realize that whatever goes in there has nothing to do with you. It has helped me tremendously to understand why I am sometimes this way and sometimes this way depending on the people around me. In addition, I have also recognized in which topics I have already gained experience and potential wisdom and in which I can still learn. Dealing with pressure and stress, as well as with emotions, was and is a real challenge for me. In the emotional, the non-self-strategy is to avoid conflict. So to use an avoidance strategy when things get uncomfortable. This very often has to do with telling your own truth and standing behind it.

Live my design

Living your own design is a longer process that doesn’t work overnight, like flipping a light switch, for example. Nevertheless, after almost 2 years I can say that the change is worthwhile and that I now respect and appreciate my own life much more. My way of life is also changing step by step according to my design and I am becoming a more relaxed person inside and out. Of course, I always slip into old habits or am unconsciously conditioned and fall into the not-self-trap. It is also important to say here that conditioning is not a bad thing. I will make a separate blog entry for this topic.

Start living your Human Design and become the person you really are.

Your Kevin

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