Human design basic reading

The dates of birth are required for the Human Design Reading. The data is used to create the chart, which I analyze in your reading. Please check your details before ordering and the more accurate your time is, the more accurate your chart will be. If you don’t know your exact time, please let me know in the comments.


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human design basic reading product

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The Human Design Basic Reading is the entry into the world of Human Design. This reading is ideal for you if you want to learn more about your own being and how you can lead a happy and fulfilling life. Your type & strategy shows you how best to deal with your own energy and that of life. The profile describes in which specific way you go through life. With authority you learn how to make the right decisions in life for you.

In this reading you will learn all about

  • Type & Strategy
  • Profile
  • Authority – decision-making process
  • The Centers

The reading takes place online via Zoom and lasts approximately 2 hours. You are very welcome to write me a message before the reading and tell me your intention and open questions.
Why do you want a human design reading?
What do you expect from the Human Design Reading?
How do you want human design to support you in your life?

Coaching Session

In addition, you have the opportunity to discuss all your open questions with me in the subsequent 60-minute coaching session. It is important to me that you see Human Design as an opportunity to shape your life according to your true nature.

Additional information

At first glance, the Human Design Readings are mental knowledge and this knowledge needs to be integrated into everyday life so that you can live your own design more and more. You can find more information on this in my blog post here .

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