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Spiritual Coaching

Do you want to change yourself and your life?
Are you looking for yourself or something?
Do you want to lead a more conscious life?
Through the coaching, you will learn to live a more conscious life and how to become your own creator.

79,00 316,00 

Includes 19% VAT
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spiritual coaching product

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More and more people realize that a purely material life is not fulfilling and wish for a different way of life. True happiness and contentment comes from within us and cannot be found in the outside world. We are often trapped in our own patterns and beliefs and experience the same suffering in life over and over again. In the coaching sessions, I will help you to recognize and dissolve your patterns with the help of my knowledge and experience. You will become more conscious in your life and learn to take responsibility for your own life and become your very own creator.

How does a coaching session work?

The session takes place online and you will receive a zoom invitation from me in good time before the start. Since every coaching session is unique, there are no fixed guidelines for doing them. The process is that you come to me with a concern and we clarify this concern in the session. In the session, I will also give you practical techniques that you can practice afterwards.

What makes me a coach?

As a reflector, yoga teacher and human design analyst, I have not only gained knowledge over the years, but also experience through my own development process. I want to share this knowledge and wisdom with you and help you to live your true nature. The task of the reflectors is to be the mirror of the world and I use this gift in my coaching to reflect things to you that you don’t see at first glance. We all have a veil over us at times that prevents us from expressing ourselves.

Additional information

If you are currently going through a difficult financial phase, I will be happy to help you and we can talk about an individual exchange of energy for you. Everything in the universe is energy and an exchange of energy is important to create a cosmic balance. How this exchange comes about is up to us.

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