The 3 crystals in human design

human design crystals desing personality

In the lore of Human Design, 3 crystals are described that each of us has within us. The word crystals is to be understood more metaphorically, so that our mind can assign it. These are not really physical crystals. These 3 crystals are the Design Crystal, Personality Crystal and the Magnetic Monopoly.

The design crystal

This crystal comes from the earth and to be more precise from the core of the earth. It represents the red side in our Human Design Chart and thus our body. It is like the clay of Mother Earth, which is formed into a vessel, i.e. our body.

The Personality Crystal

This crystal is not from earth and is often called soul or consciousness. He represents the black side in our Human Design Chart. Our body serves as a vessel for consciousness to be able to walk on this earth. Therefore, the body develops first during pregnancy, and then after about 6 months it absorbs the personality crystal and thus establishes the connection between consciousness and body.

The magnetic monopoly

This crystal also comes from the earth and its task is to attract the other two crystals and thus hold them together. Without him, the body and soul would not stay together. The magnetic monopoly also has a role in getting us through life. He draws things to us and draws us to things.

The metaphor of the car

If the 3 crystals are mentioned in Human Design, the following metaphor is always described. The design crystal is the car itself, i.e. the body. The body takes us everywhere in our lives and allows us to have the experiences we want in our world. The magnetic monopoly is the driver. He steers the car in the respective direction and for this type, strategy and authority again play a decisive role. If we live our lives according to our design, the driver takes us to the right places or experiences for us. When we live in non-self, it takes us to our non-self places or experiences. The personality crystal is the passenger in the back seat, who ideally sits there completely relaxed, looks out the window and enjoys the journey. If we don’t drive correctly now, what is predetermined for us, the passenger can complain to the driver. He might even hit the seat in the car or smack the driver. Then we are no longer in tune with ourselves. This can then be expressed, for example, through illnesses or other painful experiences in our lives.

human design crystals desing personality


Through the crystals we recognize very well in human design that we are dual beings. We have a body and live in it as consciousness to have the experience of life. dual means forming a binary. This perspective is crucial for us because it makes it clearer that our body is a being of its own, with its own needs. Depending on the chart, the body has a higher or lower weight, although it is generally important. The following mantra also applies to this: No journey through life without a body . If we now live in the belief that we are the body, we identify with something we are not and that always leads us to fear, because the body is impermanent. However, if we recognize that we are the personality crystal that does not disappear, fear will no longer dominate us in life.


In my own human design experiment, it becomes increasingly clear that we have a body and that the consciousness is in it. The synthesis of design and personality crystal makes us human. It is also important to recognize, appreciate and live out both aspects. We can access our personality much more easily than our body. The connection to our body is about allowing and letting things happen. Acknowledging that our unique bodies have needs of their own. It is our temple and we should treat it as such.

We are consciousness in a body traveling through life

Your Kevin

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