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As the very first piece of advice, I would like to give you the following sentence: “You can’t listen to your human design analysis often enough”. Every time you listen to your analysis, you will hear new things. That’s a good thing and important, because it allows you to continue to deepen your knowledge of yourself. It is super important to internalize the new knowledge from your analysis and to transform the knowledge into wisdom. Many of my clients tell me they “get it and I often find in the conversations that they may understand it intellectually, but still don’t get it. As long as the knowledge from the analysis is only theoretical knowledge, you will make decisions at key moments in your life that come from your mind and not from your authority.

A small example

I’m sitting with a friend at the Isar and we’re talking about a topic that’s on her mind because she can’t make a decision. A few weeks ago, she had received the basic analysis from me. She is a generator with sacred authority. This means that she makes her decisions from the gut. In our conversation, I pointed this out to her and asked her what her stomach says about it. Her answer was nothing”, she somehow has no access to her gut voice. I then explained to her again what it means to listen to the gut voice and how she can practice it. During the explanation, she nodded her head and you could hear a soft “uh-huh”. I then tell her that her gut voice just answered the whole time and eagerly agreed with me.

Practice example

Having your own authority is a good way to integrate an aspect of your own design more and more into your own life. Ask your acquaintances, friends or family for support and explain to them that you want to have better access to your own authority and that they should ask you questions about it. It’s great, for example, to go to a restaurant and have the menu read out to you and to observe with each dish whether the authority jumps in or not. This applies to all authority except emotional and external authority. With emotionally defined people, it can happen that somehow nothing fits because there is a general lack of clarity or a “not in the mood”. Or not the right mood for this restaurant. That’s not tragic and you don’t have to rack your brains about it. Then this time it’s an experience and you can see afterwards whether you liked it or not. Or visit the same restaurant when you’re in a different emotional mood and then see how you react when the menu is read aloud. Emotional and external authority is all about time, distance and patience.

It is best to write down 2-3 things from your analysis that you want to focus on and practice dealing with them in everyday life. The supposed reaction of other people is also important for you when practicing. Don’t let that unsettle you. As humans we have created a social corset and as soon as you start living your design, you will break this corset. We are not here to be all the same. We are here to express our uniqueness. It can also happen that you make decisions that seem strange to others. They are not you and something else might be right for them. Don’t let that unsettle you.

Stay with you

I wish you a lot of joy and lightness in practicing and trying out.

Your Kevin

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