The will and the mind

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Our mind is our greatest gift and our greatest challenge. In addition, there is our own will, which supposedly only has to be big enough to be able to achieve anything. Neither our mind nor our will is inherently bad. It’s a question of how we use it and what we mean by it. The will should be the basis for decisions, but help us to stick with something. Willpower can serve us well when understood and used properly. Likewise, the mind is wonderful and can be used in many ways, just not for decisions.

The free will

We have all been given the gift of free will, and it gives us 100 percent responsibility for our own lives. We can do what our mind tells us, or our emotions, or our parents, or our inner guidance, for example. The list could go on forever. Ultimately, it is up to us how we make our decisions in life. There is no right or wrong here. Even a supposedly wrong decision can be right for us, so that we have a certain experience and then realize that it is not the right thing for us. We can then take a new path and we are again asked to make a decision. In the end, it’s about taking personal responsibility for us and taking responsibility for our actions.

Our mind

From a human design perspective, our mind is responsible for our communication and inspiration. But not to make decisions. It can’t do that either, because our mind is dual. That means he always shows us two perspectives. Right-left, top-bottom, good-bad and so on. We grow up in a society that pays far too much attention to the mind and tries to fathom everything with it. Of course, our minds are incredible and when used properly, they are no longer a burden but a real asset. As soon as we start evaluating things and filtering and sorting through our imprints, we live in an illusion. We do not recognize the object as it is, but only perceive it subjectively. Therefore, we are very limited when using the mind to make decisions. Yoga, for example, is incredibly helpful in clearing the mind and gaining clarity. Human design can give you a better understanding of how you make decisions. You can also learn how your way of thinking works in Human Design.

The will and the willpower

In human design, the will arises from the ego center and this center is a motor. A motor center supplies us with energy. Hence the willpower that gives us the energy to stick with a topic. From a spiritual point of view, the will can be something treacherous. Whenever we say I want to and that decision is based on our thoughts, it comes from our ego. The ego is a construct that fools us into being something we are not. In yoga, the ego is also called the citta, the meaning self. It can also be seen as a role in a play or an actor. The ego is an important mechanism for us. It gives us the sense of separateness we need in this world to have individual experiences.


How do you decide?

  • Out of your will?
  • What is your mind telling you?
  • By your authority?
Your Kevin

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