The world and the four types

human design four types

There are four different types in human design. Each type makes its individual contribution to our world. The type is the first decisive factor on the way to living your own design. The four types are distributed in our population as follows:

  • Manifestors approx. 9.5%
  • Generators approx. 67%
  • Projectors approx. 22.5%
  • reflectors approx. 1%

Each guy has his own strategy for going through life. These two aspects of every human being are the first elements in the hierarchy that everyone should live. Only when we start living according to our type and strategy can our being fully unfold. Otherwise, we always live a life that does not suit us and go through life with a lot of resistance, which usually ends in suffering.

The Manifestor – The Initiator

The Manifestors have a unique feature. They’re the only one who are allowed to act on his own. That means he initiates things on his own while all other types wait for life to come to them and then act on it according to the strategy. With this trait, the Manifestor doesn’t need other people as much as the other types, which sometimes makes them unavailable. At times the Manifestors can come off as selfish, but they get a handle on that when they start educating people before they start acting. It is important for Manifestors to do their own thing and not fulfill the expectation of others.

The Generator – The Builder

The generators are our builders of the world because they carry the almost infinite life energy within them. This energy wants to be used and expressed. A generator wakes up in the morning and the tank of life energy is full to the brim. It’s already starting and the generator wants to use up this energy. During the day this energy is used up and once the tank is empty the generator goes to bed and refills the tank overnight. So the game starts all over again the next day. But there are also generators who become couch potatoes and have absolutely no energy left. It is important for generators to use their energy correctly and to fall into bed happy and satisfied in the evening. For them it is essential to wait for life and to react to life. This is incredibly difficult for many people because they don’t actually know what is going to happen and therefore have to get involved with the unknown component of life. But before that, the mind is incredibly afraid.

The Projector – The Architect

The projectors have a particularly difficult time in our world. We all live in a world made by and for generators. Because of this, many projectors think they have to be just as active and full of energy as the generators. Projectors can even become real super slaves. These are then the ones who work the longest and hardest, only to finally break down completely. Projectors, like reflectors, are non-energy types and they harness the energy of others. This also means that projectors can tap into the energy of the generators without being asked and can, as it were, suck it out. It is super important for projectors to be mindful and respectful of the energy of others. But that is also your job as an architect. They check whether the energy from the generators is being used optimally and can thus support the generators in creating a beautiful world for everyone. As a projector, it is often difficult to recognize that you are on the second row in life, watching the generators at work. The be-all and end-all for projectors is waiting for the invitation and as long as they are not asked, it is just a matter of chilling in the hammock of life.

The Reflector – The Judge

The reflectors are an absolute minority in the world. They work completely differently than all other types. A reflector that begins to live according to its human design will eventually realize how differently he ticks. Everyone else will be like aliens to him. This is simply because the Reflector doesn’t have a consistent life force compared to the other types. Life force means a defined channel that is constantly active for the respective human being. The task of a reflector is to feel things and thus perceive everything possible. He is the mirror of society and, if he acts correctly, can offer great added value. It’s important for the Reflectors to realize that whatever goes in there has nothing to do with them. The mantra for a Reflector is to see life as a surprise. No other type is inherently so connected to the cosmic program. Therefore, the reflectors draw their life force from the cosmic program. The moon plays a crucial role here. This activates all dormant potentials at regular intervals. For Reflectors it is important to take a relaxed approach to life and to go through life with a lot of patience. As we live in a generator world, it is highly advisable for Reflectors to find their own niche and thus contribute in their unique way in life.

the world four types human design

The world and the four types

After presenting the four different human design types, it is now exciting to take a look at our world. We live in a capitalist world that is all about pressure to perform and consumption. Of course, there are more factors at play here, and the various centers with the non-self strategies also have a major impact on this. Still, the world is being ruled by generators right now, and all the standard rules come from them. That means a world by and for generators. Our social system is based on the fact that we are all generators. Many generators do not act according to their strategy and the other types are allowed to stay where they are. All this leads to a lot of dissatisfaction among people. In an ideal world, where everyone lives according to their type and strategy, the following scenario could be ubiquitous.

Make fire

The Manifestor feels an inner urge to implement something. He ignites something and brings the spark for the fire, so to speak. Now the Manifestor is looking for suitable generators who are interested and enjoy participating in the project. Once the generators have been found, the fire is lit and the generators then take care of it. They make sure that the fire stays alive and that there is always enough firewood in the fire. The Manifestor has done its job and can either watch or do other things. In addition, there are now the projectors, which observe what is happening from the second row. At one point, a generator turns around and asks the projector if it can help them. The generators want to use their energy more efficiently and don’t know how to do that. The projector helps them understand how to use their energy more efficiently. Once everything has been clarified, the projector moves back into the second row and waits until he is asked again. A little further away, a reflector sits on a chair. He looks at the whole thing and feels what the manifestors, generators and projectors are doing. Everyone turns to him and see how he reacts and as long as he is sitting happily on the chair everyone is reassured because everything is going smoothly. If the reflector falls dead from the chair, something is wrong and the group should change something in their project.

The world would be a much more peaceful place if we all lived by our design.

So change the world by changing yourself and start living your true nature.

Your Kevin

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