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As soon as our own aura touches the other’s aura, we begin to affect each other. This is also the moment when the magic happens that makes two people fall in love. Attraction isn’t just limited to romantic relationships. Even in friendships there are aspects that are the reason why we are friends. Of course, the attraction, or the reason this person came into our lives, is much more noticeable in a romantic relationship. The composite chart makes it clear why this person is in our lives.

composite chart

If two people face each other and are in each other’s aura, the composite is formed. From two individual beings a new third being is formed and this represents the union of the two. This is how these two people act as a couple, although it is important to mention here that we must not lose our individuality in a relationship. I always divide a relationship into 3 pillars. Me, you and us. Each of these parts is important and should be given the space it needs in a relationship. The composite shows why a couple finds each other attractive, what challenges there are, what similarities they can have and the potential to recognize each other. I think there is tension in every relationship because it is what drives us to grow and learn. Living out and enjoying the beautiful sides of a relationship is just as important as accepting and mastering the challenges in a relationship.

Human Design Relationship

In order for the composite to unfold properly, it is essential for both to live according to their own type, strategy and authority. If one’s own design is not fully lived, there is always the danger of identifying oneself with the conditioning by others. Sooner or later this always leads to difficulties in a relationship. This starts with getting to know each other and especially in those moments when it comes to engaging in intimacy. If both don’t act according to their design, they can find themselves in a relationship that they later regret getting involved in. Most of the time, ending a relationship is painful for one or both of them. For me as a reflector it is extremely important to give myself at least 28 days before I make a decision. If I don’t comply, I can find myself in a relationship that is not healthy for me. It helps enormously in a relationship to know the nature of the other. His/her design is as fixed on as my own and both are perfect just the way they are. It’s not about wanting to improve something about my partner or shape it the way I would like it to be. It’s about living out your own quality, sharing it with the other and expressing the new skills that arise from a relationship.

Images of Society

This point is not only crucial for the couple, but also for us as individuals. We live in a world with countless ideas about how a relationship should look like or should work. Society’s morals provide a framework that can quickly become a prison for many people. If we now want to live out our human design to 100 percent, we will keep colliding with this framework. As a Reflector, this happens to me all the time, especially in my family. can’t you be normal Are sentences that I keep hearing and no, I can’t and I don’t want to either. I want to encourage you and your partner to step beyond this framework and leave morality behind. Live a life that suits you and not what your family or friends imagine. Life is too beautiful and too short to be locked in a cage.

The Experiment

So is it important in a partnership to integrate the knowledge from Reading into everyday life. Experiment with the new knowledge and meet each other in a new way. Certain things from the reading may be frightening or not according to our own ideas or beliefs. For example, in Human Design is it recommended that everyone sleep in their own bed and preferably in a different room so that the auras don’t touch. When I heard that for the first time, a total resistance built up in me. There’s something incredibly beautiful about falling asleep and waking up next to the person you love. In the meantime, as a reflector, I prefer to sleep alone in a room, because otherwise I always feel the energies of others so enormously and it doesn’t let me sleep properly. So I made the compromise of sleeping alone for at least 3-4 days. It can be so nice to wake up in your own aura and to feel yourself after waking up before meeting your partner. If we always sleep next to our partner we will always be conditioned and then we can tend to lose ourselves. This is referred to as long-term conditioning. Just try it out and sleep in other rooms for 1 week and see how it feels.

Live your relationship as it suits you.

Your Kevin

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