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Spiritual coaching is about training your awareness and learning to live in the present moment. We have all been shaped by a variety of experiences throughout our lives. Particularly difficult and negative experiences have prompted us to develop so-called patterns. These patterns may have saved our lives in the past and were important. Most of the time these old patterns still determine our daily life and we avoid everything to not have such experiences again. As a result, most people are so called bio-robots and do not live their lives with full joy and ease.

In the spiritual process of becoming aware, it is important to reintegrate all parts that have split off and to take full responsibility for your own life. At our meetings, I help you to recognize and dissolve your own patterns. As a reflector, I have the gift of mirroring my counterpart. This allows me to recognize your patterns and the respective learning task behind them. After each session there will also be exercises that will help you to become more and more aware and also to dissolve the patterns. The question you can ask yourself:

Do you want to be free or live a life in a prison of your patterns?

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Human design


In our sessions, we discuss all your open questions about your human design chart and all other human design-related topics. In addition, I will help you to live your design and show you which external influences or old conditioning prevent you from living your life. In all of our open centers we are influenced by the world and oftentimes we tend to focus on it. As a result, many people live their non-self and not their self, i.e. their own abilities.

Our greatest conditioning comes from our parents and upon moving out the deconditioning process begins. Conditioning is a good thing and means “life”, but how to deal with it should be clear to you. So learn to decide whether you want to live the conditioning consciously or not.

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