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Looking deeper into Human Design, it is about geometry and how we as humans attract things in life. Each person has a unique life story that describes his geometry of life. The challenge for all of us is to take our unique place and have the experiences in life that are foreseen for us. Type, strategy and authority are our tools to be able to take this place. As long as you do not live according to your design, your partner cannot come into your life or he/she comes into your life and you miss him/her. It is the same with many other things in your life.

Geometry in Human Design

Very fundamentally, human design is about forms. At the deepest level, of course, it’s about energy and frequencies. This energy is expressed through form. Quite simply, for example, by the form of your nose. Or the form of a male body or a female body. The 3 crystals that each of us has within us or that we are made of play an essential role. Especially the magnetic monopole is crucial for a deeper understanding. He attracts things into our lives. He is only attractive and not repulsive. This is also the explanation for the well-known law of resonance.

In addition, the basic understanding of space is necessary. We are all constantly flying through space and move forward, if I can call it that. In the process, our human body flies through space as a form. This is like seeing geometry lessons from school. We fly along a line and this line represents our life. In this context, it is crucial whether we live according to our Human Design or not. If you live your life according to your Human Design Chart, you will fly through the magnetic monopole on your predetermined line of life. If you do not live according to your uniqueness, you will fly on a line that does not suit you.

Your life path

This is where the issue of conditioning comes into play again. Now, I’m talking about the unhealthy conditioning from parents or society, for example. There is also positive conditioning that moves us forward in life and is also foreseen. This unhealthy conditioning takes us astray from our unique path in life. Foremost, this is not a bad thing either, because it is also necessary for our awakening. Without darkness, there is no light. What is crucial is our own awareness of our own path in life.

You certainly know the situation of doing something even though you know in your heart that it is not right for you. I lived by this principle for a long time in the working world and tried to compensate for the frustration(non-self subject of a reflector) in my free time. We all tend to prefer to stay in security and do a job we don’t like or be in a partnership that is not correct for us. The main thing is not to risk anything. Our whole upbringing plays a big role in this. We are raised like robots and every human being is supposed to function the same. Thus, we all live more or less the same life.

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Observe your life and the lives of others

I would like to invite you on an experiment. Look at your life and answer the following questions:

  • Why do you have the job you are doing right now?
  • How do you shape your life?
  • How do you feel about certain issues?
  • What expectations do you have of yourself?
  • How do you envision your future?

Answer the questions for yourself and then ask them to your friends or relatives. You’ll notice something interesting. We all have the same idea of life. Of course, we have small deviations here and there. For example, you want to paint your house yellow and your girlfriend red or whatever color. But you share the same idea of owning your own home, for example. This is essential for you in life and for this you go to work for more than 30 years to pay off the loan. And why do you do that? Because everyone does it that way? I am not saying that it is wrong to have your own house. It is important to me that you deal with yourself and check whether you really want the house because it is correct for you or you live according to the ideas of others.

Life should flow

We often have the belief that life must be hard and exhausting. Like the saying, Only the tough get into the garden. This is total nonsense and our body has no interest in constantly going through resistance. This costs our body an incredible amount of energy and is totally inefficient. We can see from the number of increasing burnouts, etc., how much people go through the wall with their heads and then their bodies bring them down. The body is always right and always wins. If we overload our bodies, we get sick and our bodies shut us down so they can recover. As a reflector who has constantly tried to be like a generator, I know what I’m talking about.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that life is always easy and we don’t have challenges. The challenges we get on our life’s journey are suitable for us. We can handle any of them. Maybe it’s uncomfortable, maybe it’s exhausting, maybe we get scared. Whatever the case may be. You will succeed and learn exactly what you are supposed to learn and you will feel terrific afterwards. There will also always be people by your side to support you through your challenges.

Human Design Kevin Kirst Siyad

Your helpers and ass angels

Whether personal or transpersonal destiny. We will always meet people who are important for our life and support us in our life task. In order for you to meet these people, you must live your Human Design, otherwise these forces cannot come into your life. There are also the so-called ass angels who come into our lives and kick our asses. We are often so stuck in our patterns that we need a shocking experience to change us. So did my ex-girlfriend who broke my heart over 5 years ago. No woman in my life so far has hurt me as much as she has. Now I am grateful to her for that and can see that she had an important role in my life as an ass angel. Whereby I went into this relationship as a total non-self being and had not yet known myself at all.

Since human design has been an essential part of my life, I am constantly surprised by new encounters. If life is a surprise to me, it is a sign that I am on my unique life path. Through my open G-center, I get direction from other people in my life. So I have let others guide me on my journey when my strategy and authority said yes to it. That’s how I came across Nizar in Sri Lanka. He gave me a Marma therapy that touched me deeply. In Marma, blockages are dissolved, inflammations are discharged and the natural posture of the body is restored. After the treatment, I was very exhausted and could directly feel how my body was realigned.

Marma therapy

After Nizar’s treatment, my 28-day process kicked in and I became more and more interested in this ancient traditional healing method from South India. I have had a desire for some time to learn a method to help people heal physically as well. Having suffered from permanent pain myself for many years, I know how uncomfortable it can be to live with constant physical discomfort. I then flew to India to find a teacher. As stated in my previous blog post. Making decisions correctly, the search for the teacher backfired for the time being.

But the decision to travel to India was correct for me and I met wonderful people again in Kochi. My good friend Sharom, who is also a Marma therapist, introduced me to his Grand Master and that was a great gift for me. I have met very few people so far who have such a luminous and loving aura. His treatments have also relieved me of my lower back pain. It was extremely painful, but I haven’t had any problems with it since. This inflammation that had led to the pain had been in my body for more than 8 years. I am incredibly grateful to have met these people.

Get involved in YOUR life and enjoy it

Your Kevin

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